Sponsored Research

Edge Computing for Bringing Smart Services to Under-served Urban Communities

    • Reduce digital divide by deploying low-cost technology tailored to meet the needs of under-served communities
    • National Science Foundation, 2021-2022

Innovating the Food Supply Chain to Address Food Insecurity in Atlanta

  • Address food insecurity in Atlanta by introducing sustainable packaging solutions to community partners
  • Small Bets Grant at Georgia Institute of Technology , 2020-2021

Economic Impact of Georgia’s Rural and Small Urban Transit Systems

  • Estimate economic costs and benefits of rural and small urban transit in Georgia and highlight the gaps in existing transit systems
  • Georgia Department of Transportation,  2018-2020

Economic Impact of Bicycling in Georgia

  • Compile systematic data on bicycling in Georgia, including data on manufacturing and retail businesses, trails, organizations and events and estimate their collective impact on the state’s economy
  • Georgia Department of Transportation, 2017-2020

Analyzing the Impact of the Firefly Trail on Economic Development in Northeast Georgia

  • Economic impact of the Firefly Trail in Northeast Georgia, a planned 39-mile multi-use trail between Athens and Union Point
  • Georgia Department of Transportation, 2016

Multidisciplinary modeling of socio‐economic influence on adversarial intent to acquire, proliferate and use CBRN weapons

  • Analyze globally the impact of socio-economic factors including per capita incomes, inequality, poverty, education on CBRN related terrorism
  • U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency, 2009-2012